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About This Blog: frugal living

The intent of this blog is to help people save and earn a little more money—sometimes thru unusual ways.

Right now, I am not going to talk about how to make a budget.  Right now, I’m not going to address how much of your income should be devoted to (you fill in the blank) what purpose; that will be addressed at some point.  Right now, I’d just like to share some thoughts about how we view our money.

We dream about what we would do if we had more money.  We’d buy a better car, move to a nicer neighborhood, send our children to a private school, or take a real vacation… But, rarely, can we just do these things.  We need to have money to do them: usually, more money than we have on hand. We need to have saved money to live our dreams.

Saving money, usually, depends on both earning money and smartly employing the money we earn: Work to earn money, and make your money work for you.

My aim in writing this blog is to present ways I’ve learned how to save money and how to earn a little more money.  I’ll share my successes—and my failures; some of them will be events in progress.  Your thoughts will be welcome, too.  We won’t always have to stick tight to the topic, but ideas, stories, tips, and other contributions should have some relevancy to it.  Hopefully, we’ll cheer often, because life is getting better—as you start saving money today.

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Douglas Antrim