Douglas Antrim


  1. You are so right on the emergency account. About 2 years ago I really thought we had no extra money to spare at all, but I was budgeting in my head, not on paper, and we always managed to stay out of debt, but with no leftover. I started using and made saving for emergencies a priority. It started off as just $50 a month, and sometimes I had to take from that, and now we are usually able to add about $100 but what surprised me was after the first year how fast it seemed to add up. It was depressing at first thinking I was putting so little in, but when you put in more than you take out, it really does add up! The number of times that has been helpful is shocking. AC went out? I wasn’t panicking! Three sudden injuries in a weeks time? Not a problem! Unexpected car expense? We’ve got it covered! Paying off debt IS important, but you’ve got to have a cushion to fall back on, otherwise you might just have to keep pulling out credit cards to cover it all.

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