income and traffic September 2015


Income and traffic report for Sept 2015

1 oct

My goals for September were

Post 12 articles which just did not happen.  I posted 4 posts.

Start promoting with Google plus. Twitter, tumblr, and pintrest  which also did not happen

Add share buttons with all posts  not done

So my goals for October will be the same as they were for September

Add pictures to all post which I am working on.

Change the curb view (theme) of my blog.  I did that

And SEO all of my posts I got 6 done

The reason I did not meet my goals this month are because I worked 12 hour shifts for the first 3 week.

I am setting no goals for October because I am working at the Army reserve center (about 90 miles away).  I will do what I can but no promises.  the month of October will be my last month in the Army reserve.  I will have a lot more time after I retire.
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Douglas Antrim

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