Target and Best Buy offer free shipping for the holidays


Last year about this time, I wrote an article “Christmas Shopping”. A short recap of the article is “Christmas can be so expensive.” I’m not talking

free shipping

Free shipping when you order from best buy or target for a limited time only.

about money only, but also about time. Yes, it costs a lot of money to buy Christmas trees, gifts, and all the trimmings for that special day and the meal that goes with it. It also takes lots of time for you to venture from one store to another looking for those gifts and food…And then there there’s the frustration of long lines at checkout.

There’s so much to do during the Christmas season, and there’s so little time to do it. You travel from one store to another looking for the items you want. You reach a point where you don’t even care if it’s on sale or not. You just need to get done with all of this.

As a frugal blogger it’s one of my responsibilities to tell my readers about good deals. Last year I gave you some ways to maximize your time and money. I’d like to continue with that theme this year.

So here it is. (Drum Roll)

Target and Best Buy are offering free shipping for the holiday season when you shop online. That’s a one up on last year’s article year’s article.

Of course, you need to go to their websites and verify the dates. Now, you can go Christmas shopping and never leave the house. (That should help allay feelings of frustration.)

free shipping from Target and Best Buy

You can purchase almost anything from Target or Best Buy

This is frugal, because you no longer need to stand in line for who knows how long. (That should reduce the stress factor.) You don’t have to drive to the different stores looking for presents and other Christmas necessities. (You save time and the cost of fuel.) The items you look at are not picked over. (You get quality for your money.)

Shopping this way you free up time and lots of it. You reduce your fuel costs and you get free shipping. (Score!) Because you’ve saved money by reducing your fuel and shipping costs, your sense of frugality should feel validated. Because you’ve freed up the time you would have spent running from store to store fighting crowds and hurrying to wait, you’ll now you have a lot more time to finish getting ready for Christmas. This should enhance your enjoyment of the season.

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Between Target and Best Buy you can save a lot of time and money by shopping online. You now use those resources the festivities of the Christmas season.


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