Traffic and income report 1Febuary


After 5 months of an almost break from my blog (not by choose) I’m back in full swing. I will start or restart posting my traffic and income reports
January was dedicated to developing an editorial calendar, determining posting dates, and a promotional schedule
My major goal is to develop my social media community. I am starting with Facebook, twitter, google plus, Pinterest, and Tumblr. I do in the near future intend to add more as time goes on, but I am not real sure how soon that will happen (if it happens).
Below you will see the charts for the month of January 2016.
I’m ok with the numbers I have as of right now but I am looking forward to doing much better.

Page views 552

Facebook likes 0
Twitter follower 1433
Google plus 6
Pinterest 0
Tumblr 0

Traffic and income report

Traffic and income report


 page view

page view

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