Traffic and income report May 2016


Traffic and income report May 2016
The month of May I concentrated on social media and I did make some progress but not as much as I would like to.
During the month of June I am going to post once a week. I did not hit my goal in the month April. I will also continue to work on a strong social media.
Page views 676
Facebook likes 39
Facebook friends 419
Twitter follower 2143
Google Plus 7
Pinterest 428
Tumblr 0
Stumbleupon 1
Just a note about the sudden large number of page views: I had a page go viral for about 3 days.
The month of April I had a page go mini viral and hit almost 1200 sessions.
This month I had 311 sessions and 676 page views. This months numbers are reliable for the amount of work I put in to this blog
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