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Do you shop online? Almost everyone does. Millions of people shopping online are spending millions and millions of dollars every year. That’s a lot of money. Like most people, many of them desire to spend less money/save money/make money.

Get paid to shop Ebates

Get paid to shop Ebates

That’s a commonality between people shopping online and those patronizing brick-and-mortar businesses. We shop sales, use coupons, and buy used. There’s another tool available to both online shoppers and in-store customers in this endeavor:
Ebates provides a means to earn money whether you shop online or in a physical store.

Here’s how it works
Ebates is an affiliate marketing venue. Affiliate businesses pay

Ebates a commission to bring them customers. Ebates shares some of that commission with registered shoppers—the first time and everytime thereafter—when they shop an affiliate business (online or in-store). As an Ebates member, you can log in, find stores offering the items you are looking for, along with prices, and see what percent of that price Ebates will pay you to shop each specific store.
What you need to do to earn cash

Sign up for Ebates; it takes about 15 seconds: You’ll establish a user name and password. When you want to shop online, log into ebates. Select an affiliate online business. (There are over 2,000.) Then, SHOP. Every quarter, Ebates will send you a check. (That’s right—MONEY—not an in-store credit.) Or, if you have a PayPal account your funds can be directly deposited to it. (By the way, if you’re interested in opening a PayPal account, it’s a free service.) That’s pretty simple—right?

How this is frugal
Shopping online is frugal for several reasons: 1) You don’t use gas to go to the store. The store comes to you. 2) When you shop online, you can do many price comparisons in a short period of time. 3) Distance is next to irrelevant. You can shop stores that are not nearby.

Shopping online is frugal. With Ebates you can enhance the frugality of online shopping by earning back some money.
But … Sometimes, you just have to go to a store!

Maybe you need something today; can’t wait on delivery. Maybe you need to compare the colors. (As good as your monitor is it does distort color. Your eyes are better at differentiating.) Or, maybe, you just want to GO SHOPPING. Ebates provides a way for you to earn money when you shop in a real store.

All you need to do is link a credit or debit card to Ebates. (It’s a one time event. You can do it when you sign up, or add it later.) Before you head out to shop, log in and identify what you’ll be shopping for (e.g. “sporting goods,’ or “engagement rings,” etc.) Ebates will give you a list of 30 stores that meet your criteria as well as their cash back percentages. You can then shop at your choice of those stores. Just pay for your purchases with the card you have linked to Ebates. At the end of the quarter you’ll receive your check or deposit to PayPal.
There’s no reason to worry about your personal information being shared, and Ebates uses industry standards to protect it.

Now, you can earn money as you shop. You can shop online, or you can shop in a store. With ebates you earn money while you shop. Enjoy.

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