save money use the library


Save money use the library

Save money use the library

The library offers a lot more than just books

Talking Points

  • Most services are free or fairly inexpensive at public
  • You can check out books, movies, magazines, art, and more
  • Most public libraries have computer labs, free wifi , fax and copy machines
  • Kids’ stuff

I love to go to the library.  I’m an avid reader; I enjoy a variety of genres.  But, did you know that most libraries are much more than just a warehouse for books?  Of course, you can check out books, magazines, movies, and music.  If it’s a form of literature, your library is likely to have it.  Quite a few also lend posters and (sometimes) other forms of art.  Some have board games available.  In addition to these “traditional services”, many libraries have quiet areas for study.  There are often electronic services available; most of these are offered free or fairly inexpensively.

They have machines that can be used for gaming, communication, research, and business: computers with internet, scanners, copiers, and fax.  Now, I don’t game much.  (That might be a topic for a future post.)  And, I’m not a businessman.  But, there are times when I need to scan a document or send a fax; neither of which happen often enough for me to justify spending money to buy my own scanner or fax-machine.  Therefore, I don’t have to buy ink, toner, or a large quantity of paper either.  So, when there is a need, I will take the document along on my next trip to the library.  Also, if I encounter a problem with the equipment (or the operator—me) the library staff is there to help.

In addition to lending and office services, many libraries are a venue for entertainment.  As you can imagine, there are special programs for young children.  Many of these will be centered on a reading program, but involve crafts or dance, etc.  Children are not the only ones to benefit from age-oriented activities.  Concerts, lectures, and a variety of club meetings are among the many community events scheduled.

One important thing to remember about your library is that it part of a network of libraries.  If you can’t find a particular book or media item at your library, it can borrow a copy from other libraries in the network.  If the item is not available in its network, the library can even try to obtain it from out-of-network, but they might have to charge you to do so.

Going to the library can be a convenience or a great form of entertainment.  You can browse the reading materials, look for a movie or music.  When you find a book you like, you can sit down and read it there, or take it home with you.  If it’s a movie or another multi-media item you can play it in the computer lab, or check it out and leave.  You can reserve some time on the computers for business or research.  As a last item of note, don’t forget the coffee shop.  Many libraries offer tasty treats or even a menu for a light meal at a reasonable price.  So, save money Use the library: Enjoy.

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