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What Is Frugal Living?

Frugal living in a nut shell is, living below your means and managing your money; being able to pay cash for the things you need and want.   By living frugally, you are able to avoid the financial trap of paying lots of money in interest and avoid the “I have no money” syndrome. (Life sucks when everything you earn goes out in bills.)

Frugal living is different for everyone.  There are certain products I need that you may not.

There is one thing all frugal people have in common: They live below their means.

Frugal living and dieting have one similarity.  After you have met your goal, you must continue to make good choices.  If you don’t, you will see the fruit of your hard work disappear.

I would like to say that not every idea in this blog will necessarily be a good idea for you.  We all have different circumstances.  Hopefully, you will find ideas in this blog that will help you save or earn more money.

This blog will be dedicated to money:  Saving money, earning more money, what to do when you have a little extra money.  What to do when things go wrong—and when they go right!
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Douglas Antrim