Earn extra-money doing yard work



Earn extra-money doing yard work

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You can earn extra money doing yard work

You can earn extra money doing yard work.

  • Lawn care is a huge business
  • How sophisticated you want your business to be
  • Gather the equipment you will need
  • Go the extra mile

When I was younger (a lot younger), I earned extra money doing yard work.  I remember looking for grass to cut as I pulled a lawn mower down the street along with a rake and a few plastic bags.  I remember how proud I was when I finished a job and got paid.  Back then I was looking to have a little pocket-money so I could go to the movies and indulge in all of the treats that went with it— popcorn, candy, coke…

Fifty years later, yard work has become a huge service industry.   You see opportunity everywhere to earn money doing yard work.  You can become as sophisticated as you wish.  You can become a landscaper and design yards and gardens (this will require some education):  or you can take on the task of mowing lawns and pulling weeds or anything in-between.

In the yard work arena you can easily pick your expertise.  You can specialize or do general work.  You can run a team or go solo.  You can start small and build a real business: If you are looking to make a little more money to become debt free or to save for college, you probably won’t want to invest a lot of money in expensive equipment—at least not at first.  Let your work pay you.

Earn extra money doing yard work

Earn extra money doing yard work or working in the flower bed

How to earn extra-money doing yard work

Decide what services you are able and willing to perform.  Your objective in earning extra-money should govern this decision.  If you are trying to become debt free, you don’t want to barrow money to buy something like a sky jack or bulldozer.  Later, if this sideline proves to be highly successful, you may decide to make it a profession and make appropriate investments.  Right now, you are interested in turning some extra time into extra cash with the basics.

You’ll have to decide what the basics are, of course.  You, probably, already own most of what you need to get started—a lawnmower, trimmer, rake: Items you use to keep your own yard in shape.  The more services you can offer, the more likely you are to secure jobs.  But, (again) in the beginning, you’ll want to use only the tools and equipment you have at hand.  Also, you need to be realistic about your area of operation.  Do you have a way to carry your equipment from job to job?  Or, will your neighborhood be as far as you can get?

Now how much to charge?  Talk to people who are in the business; get an idea of how much they are charging.  Or, ask your friends how much they are paying to have their yards mowed and maintained.  By the way, could you offer them a better deal and it give you a profit?  Friends and neighbors often form the early base of many businesses.
Market your services.

Market your services.  You have got to let the world you are ready and able to perform.  Don’t get carried away with fancy and expensive advertising plans you are here to make money.  You can economically design (and print) your own business cards and flyers on your computer.


Good records are essential to good business.  Keep track of who you worked for, when you worked, what you did for them, and how much you charged them.  All of this information will help you set up repeat service, and you will need at least some of it when tax time comes. You need to run an honest business.  Good records will aid both in preparing tax forms and in defending yourself if those reports are questioned.

Repeat business = success

Repeat business is essential to any successful business.  Do a great job.  You want your customers to be glad they pick you and not someone else.


Lawn care is no longer just for kids looking a few extra-dollars.  It has grown into a huge industry.  If you are doing yare work to earn money for paying down debt or achieving some other financial goal, you need a plan.  Never forget customer satisfaction is the key to your success.

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Douglas Antrim


  1. Hey Doug, Do you really think mowing lawns has the potential to make some decent money? I feel like I would have to work hours to make enough to get by. When it comes to marketing, would you use facebook? or something else? Thanks mate.

    • Yes I do believe a person can make a decent living mowing lawns. I know several people that do. As for a marketing (mowing lawns) I would use Facebook because it’s free and can be very local. I would also take out a newspaper add, and have business cards made.
      Thank you for stopping by.

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